Debbie Millman: goddess

In my years of doing radio interviews-- and the machine of book publishing requires that a writer do a ton--I have never in my life met a host as gracious, well-prepared, incisive and just downright bright as Debbie Millman.

Mostly, when you go on someone's show, they've just gotten a brief bullet-point memo from a staff member about the three things that will make you interesting to people driving home from work. They ask you questions that are just off the mark, and you find yourself treating the host like a small child, explaining things, and making dumb questions seem interesting. This is not the case with Debbie Millman.

After her opening, during which she read from my book-- what writer could withstand that kind of blandishment?-- she dove in with a question about mathematics and whether we humans had invented or discovered it. Well, that strained the old grey cells. All I remember after that is fielding acute question after acute question. It was a heck of an experience, talking to someone I had never met before who had really read my work. Even the man who called in was clear, intelligent and thoughtful. It was Radio Nirvana.

I had listened to her show before, when people I knew were on. But now I'm a convert. Every Friday 12-1 PST , 3 EST, you know where I'll be.