2/28 Here come the last two weeks!

Hist Vis Com: I'm sending midterm study questions today to your Cornish email.

DSC: You're working on three 8x12 sketches for blue eyes/brown eyes, due Tuesday. Pencil is fine, but make sure you have them clearly designed. No little sketchbook dribs and drabs. I am sending you a revised syllabus by email.

Seniors: You are prepping your 8th week review: start your presentation where you left off on the 4th week. No historical surveys! Watch where your energy is going: focus on getting what you need from your panel. As we discussed: this is YOUR review-- manage it.

1/23 Yet another weekend update:

Seniors: You're writing a draft of your mentor email that we hope you'll send on Tuesday after a quick review. You are also reviewing your "four projects" and work up until this point, producing your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation for 4th week. The questions you should answer with your presentation: "Where have I been?" "Where am I going?"

DSC: Whew! The Janet Challenge charrette projects are done and in, and you are now back to being an individual. You are finding the book and reading the first reading: Marx and Engels:”Manifesto of the Communist Party” pp 25-36. (Read just the topic sentence of each paragraph first, then go back if the reading is especially interesting or especially confusing.)

History of Vis Com: Read from 231-- you are reading sections "backwards" as we go from your time to theirs. Continue on your "design heritage" research: each person should be able to report back next class about at least one person they interviewed.

1/17 Your weekend update:

Seniors: keep going on individual production planning calendars for one-to-one reviews. Your full-class reading reviews start Tuesday at the morning meeting.

Design for Social Change: keep going on the Charrette! Remember the team experience is part of the project! Keep an eye on your internal issues with working in a group. Ask yourself: What am I contributing?What do I avoid? What do I jump into? Where are my strengths in group projects? Where am I feeling weak?

Don't forget to buy your books! Readings start Tuesday;

History of Vis Com: don't forget to get your books -- readings start Tuesday.
We'll be reading Meggs backwards from the end.