Name that Firm

WAX, Twist, Thirst/3ST, The Royal Order of Experience, Xpatriate, The Luxury of Protest, Opolis, Plural, Studio on Fire, Knock Knock, Office, 50,000 feet, Air Conditioned, Blender, Bustbright, Cue, Grow, Hunter Gatherer: When exactly did design firms start to think of themselves as bands?

Current design business names produce a jangle of non-meaning. and, taken as a whole, shore up what "serious business" has thought of us all along: Much as we talk "innovation, strategy and sustainability," the three current buzzwords, we're just a bunch of clever creatives after all.

Designers have ached for years to be taken seriously by mainframe business. And yet, in our attempts to show how "current" we are, we undercut our own value by giving our principals "fun" titles and naming our businesses inpenetrable names. We set ourselves up as the great brand experts, and then marginalize ourselves through the choices we make in self-description.