The new Communication Arts article is out.

September 18, 2010

Tags: design criticism, graphic design

In the current issue, some thinking about plagarism and what that means today.

I see they still run that author pix of me with the photoshopped-in lipstick.
To-do list, here that comes.

additional warnings

September 12, 2010

Tags: island life

Now that I've started commuting again, I have realized that last year's MFA candidate's dictum "tights are not pants," a statement she posted on the web, applies just as much to men as to women.

On my ferry, skinny, 65 year-old men strut about in their bike tights, evidently proud and feeling manly. If they knew how they looked from the back--the withered cheeks, the clear outlines of aging lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and innominate, the slight bowing of femur and patella-- well, perhaps they would buy little chiffon skirts, the kind we used to wear in ballet. We're averting our eyes for a reason, guys. And it isn't what you think.

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